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Best of MobileHCI 2012

Best Papers

  • An investigation into the use of tactile instructions in snowboarding. Daniel Spelmezan
  • MemReflex: Adaptive Flashcards for Mobile Microlearning. Darren Edge, Stephen Fitchett, Michael Whitney, James Landay

Best Demo

  • Tilt Displays: Display Surfaces with Multi-Axis Tilt and Actuation. Jason Alexander, Andrés Lucero, Sriram Subramanian

Demo honorable mention

  • PoI Poi: Point-of-Interest Poi for Multimodal Tethered Whirling. Michael Cohen

Social Media

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Demonstration and Space Challenges track provides a space for researchers and practitioners to bring hands-on experiences to conference attendees.

Following a peer-review process (call for submissions here) we were able to accept the 26 Demos and Space Challenges.

List of accepted Submissions

  • A Prototype Setup to Integrate the Physical Environment into Mobile Remote Collaboration Steffen Gauglitz, Cha Lee, Matthew Turk, Tobias Höllerer
  • A real-world study of an audio-tactile tourist guide Delphine Szymczak, Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn, Charlotte Magnusson, Per-Olof Hedvall
  • AutoWeb: Automatic Classification of Mobile Web Pages for Revisitation Jie Liu, Yuanchun Shi
  • BrailleTouch: An Evaluation of Mobile Eyes-Free Touchscreen Text Entry for the Visually Impaired Caleb Southern, James Clawson, Brian Frey, Gregory D. Abowd, Mario Romero
  • Breath Mobile: “ A Low-cost Software-Based Breathing Controlled Mobile Phone Interface jackson feijó filho, wilson prata, thiago valle
  • Brush-and-Drag: A Multi-touch Interface For Browsing Digital Photo Collections Seon Joo Kim, Hongwei Ng, Stefan Winkler, Peng Song, Chi-Wing Fu
  • Clip-on Gadgets: Expandable Tactile Controls For Multi-touch Devices Tzuwen Chang, Neng-Hao Yu, Sung-Sheng Tsai, Mike Y. Chen
  • Dynamic visualization of large numbers of off-screen objects on mobile devices: an experimental comparison of Wedge and Overview+Detail Stefano Burigat, Luca Chittaro, Andrea Vianello
  • EducaMovil: A Mobile Learning Tool for Low-Income Schools Vanessa Frias-Martinez, Jesus Virseda, Aldo Gomero
  • Exploring Multi-dimensional Data on Mobile Devices with Single Hand Motion and Orientation Gestures Jesse Thomason, Jingtao Wang
  • Headphone Taps: A Simple Technique to Add Input Function to Regular Headphones Hiroyuki Manabe, Masaaki Fukumoto
  • MagiGuitar: A Guitar that is Played in Air! Hamed Ketabdar, Hengwei Chang, Peyman Moghaddam, Mehran Roshandel
  • Magnetic Signatures in Air for Mobile Devices Hamed Ketabdar, Peyman Moghaddam, Mehran Roshandel
  • Meaningful Melodies - Personal Sonification of Text Messages for Mobile Devices Bastian Pfleging, Florian Alt, Albrecht Schmidt
  • MemReflex: Adaptive Flashcards for Mobile Microlearning Darren Edge, Stephen Fitchett, Michael Whitney, James Landay
  • Mobile monitoring and control system for a food industry development laboratory Maribeth Back, Bee Liew, Anthony Dunnigan, James Vaughan, Jonathan Foote
  • PoI Poi: Point-of-Interest Poi for Multimodal Tethered Whirling Michael Cohen
  • SideBySide: Multi-user Gestural Interaction with Handheld Projectors Karl Willis, Ivan Poupyrev, Scott Hudson, Moshe Mahler
  • The Fat Thumb: Using the Thumb's Contact Size for Single-Handed Mobile Interaction Sebastian Boring, David Ledo, Xiang 'Anthony' Chen, Nicolai Marquardt, Anthony Tang, Saul Greenberg
  • The Hold-and-Move Gesture for Multi-touch Interfaces Alexander kulik, Jan Dittrich, Bernd Froehlich
  • Thermal Feedback for Mobile Devices Graham Wilson, Stephen Brewster, Martin Halvey, Stephen Hughes
  • Tilt Displays: Display Surfaces with Multi-Axis Tilt and Actuation Jason Alexander, Andrés Lucero, Sriram Subramanian
  • TipTapTones: Mobile Microtraining of Mandarin Sounds Darren Edge, Kai-Yin Cheng, Michael Whitney, Yao Qian, Zhijie Yan, Frank Soong
  • Touching the Micron: Tactile Interactions with an Optical Tweezer Lamont Stuart, Bowman Richard, Williamson John, Roderick Murray-smith, Padgett Miles
  • TraceViz: “Brushing” for Location Based Services Yung-Ju Chang, Pei-Yao Hung, Mark Newman
  • Zone of Impulse: Physiological Data Enhanced Gaming Katharina Reitz, Claudia Stockhausen, Detlef Krömker