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Best of MobileHCI 2012

Best Papers

  • An investigation into the use of tactile instructions in snowboarding. Daniel Spelmezan
  • MemReflex: Adaptive Flashcards for Mobile Microlearning. Darren Edge, Stephen Fitchett, Michael Whitney, James Landay

Best Demo

  • Tilt Displays: Display Surfaces with Multi-Axis Tilt and Actuation. Jason Alexander, Andrés Lucero, Sriram Subramanian

Demo honorable mention

  • PoI Poi: Point-of-Interest Poi for Multimodal Tethered Whirling. Michael Cohen

Social Media

The official hashtag for MobileHCI2012 is #mobilehci2012 and you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Posters provide the opportunity for researchers to get feedback on early-stage work, discuss potential collaborations and discuss the burning issues in MobileHCI in an informal manner with the larger MobileHCI community.

We received about 38 submissions (call for submissions here) and are able to accept the 24. Authors of accepted posters can find relevant instructions here.

List of accepted Poster Submissions

  • PaceGuard: Improving running cadence by real-time auditory feedback Jutta Fortmann, Martin Pielot, Marco Mittelsdorf, Martin Büscher, Stefan Trienen, Susanne Boll
  • An Interaction Probe of On-Device Gestures Wolf Katrin, McGee-Lennon Marilyn, Brewster Stephen
  • Walk2Build: A GPS Game for Mobile Exergaming with City Visualization Iain Hamiliton, Gennaro Imperatore, Mark D Dunlop, David Rowe, Allan Hewitt, Eva Hornecker
  • QWERTH: An optimized semi-ambiguous keyboard design Mark D Dunlop, Naveen Durga, Sunil Motaparti, Prima Dona
  • Investigating Mobile Quality of Experience in Public Transport Pedro Mauricio Costa, Jeremy Pitt, João Guerra Vieira, Teresa Galvão, João Falcão e Cunha
  • TeleTorchlight: Remote Pointing and Annotation Using a Mobile Camera ProjectorGenta Suzuki, Scott Klemmer
  • A Look at Spectator Technology: Location-based Services and Mobile Habits of Collegiate Sports FansJessica Torrez-Riley
  • Safe Mathare: Mobile System for Women's Safe Commutes in the Slums Margaret Hagan, Nan Zhang, Joseph 'Jofish' Kaye
  • Smart and Space-aware Interactions Using Smartphones in a Shared Space Jae Yeol Lee, Min Seok Kim, Dong Woo Seo, Sang Min Lee, Jae Sung Kim
  • Design for emotion - how can a ride sharing service make you happy? Veselina Milanova
  • A Wizard of Oz Tool for Android Natalie Linnell, Ray Bareiss, Kristoffer Pantic
  • Visualizing Mobile Design Pattern Relationships Brent-Kaan White
  • Force code: a New Interaction Technique Using Tangential Force Input Hyunjoeng Lee, Bhoram Lee, Joonah Park
  • User Study of the Subjective Quality of Mobile Streaming Service Sumaru Niida, Satoshi Uemura, Shigehiro Ano
  • Exploring the Effects of Size on Deformable User Interfaces Sang-Su Lee, Youn-kyung Lim, Kun-Pyo Lee
  • Privacy and Secrecy in Ubiquitous Scenarios Marques Diogo, Duarte Luís, Carriço Luís
  • Camera-Based Mobile Interaction Techniques for Physical Objects Niels Henze, Susanne Boll
  • Gender differences in the perception of security of mobile phones Hanul Sieger, Sebastian Moeller
  • View from a Distance: Comparing Online and Retrospective UX-Evaluations Ina Wechsung, Kathrin Jepsen, Felix Burkhardt, Annerose Köhler, Robert Schleicher
  • Wall Play: A novel wall/floor interaction concept for mobile projected gaming Christian Winkler, Patrick Hutflesz, Clemens Holzmann, Enrico Rukzio
  • Monocular Vision-Based Collision Avoidance System Jihye Hwang, Yeounggwang Ji, Eun Kim
  • When Camera meets Accelerometer: A Way for 3D Interaction of Mobile Phone Mingming Fan, Donald J. Patterson, Yuanchun Shi
  • A Mobile Application For Collaborative Learning Salma Kheiravar, Patricia Lasserre, Robert Campbell
  • Extracting User Experience centered Product Requirements for Mobile Social Media Applications Katrin Schulze

Instructions for Authors of Accepted Posters

  • Full instructions for preparing the camera ready version for demos/posters/workshops/tutorials/DC/panels are available here: http://www.sheridanprinting.com/sigchi/mobilehci2.htm
  • Material should be uploaded using Precision Conference System.
  • Camera Ready Version is due on June 29th 2012.
  • The posters are recommended to be in A0 format (84cm x 119cm / 33 x 47), and must be in portrait orientation.
  • At least one author must register for the MobileHCI 2012 conference.
  • Authors are expected to present their posters throughout the dedicated poster session.