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Best of MobileHCI 2012

Best Papers

  • An investigation into the use of tactile instructions in snowboarding. Daniel Spelmezan
  • MemReflex: Adaptive Flashcards for Mobile Microlearning. Darren Edge, Stephen Fitchett, Michael Whitney, James Landay

Best Demo

  • Tilt Displays: Display Surfaces with Multi-Axis Tilt and Actuation. Jason Alexander, AndrĂ©s Lucero, Sriram Subramanian

Demo honorable mention

  • PoI Poi: Point-of-Interest Poi for Multimodal Tethered Whirling. Michael Cohen

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An introduction to mobile app development


  • Benjamin Watson, NC State Univ.,
  • Vidya Setlur, Nokia Research,
  • Kari Pulli, NVIDIA,
  • URL: http://mobicourse.blogspot.com


A three-hour, journeyman developer's introduction to developing apps for mobile devices including phones and tablets; operating systems such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7; as well as an overview of the industry and its app stores.


This hands-on course will help journeyman developers who have never developed for mobile devices before get a start in this market. The course will span a comprehensive set of topics focused on developing mobile apps, including an overview of the mobile industry and its app markets, a comparison of mobile and desktop applications, and a survey of mobile development environments. The course will then move to a detailed discussion of UI and graphics development for mobiles, including simple examples for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7, as well as a discussion of web-apps. During the course itself, various smartphones will be loaned to attendees enabling them to follow along with in class exercises. Audience and expected skill sets: The course is designed for journeyman developers who have not built any applications for mobile devices. Good programming skills in Java, C or C++, and familiarity with a programming environment such as Eclipse or Visual Studio are expected. Some knowledge of at least one graphics API such as OpenGL or DirectX would also be helpful.

Tutorial Structure

Introduction, Industry and iOS (55 minutes, Ben Watson)

  • Welcome
  • The state of the mobile industry
  • The state of app stores worldwide
  • Design patterns and storyboards
  • Cloud services
  • iOS coding examples
  • Questions and break

Mobile UIs and Windows Phone (55 minutes, Vidya Setlur)

  • Good design practice
  • UI layouts
  • UI components
  • Event handling
  • Maps and sensors
  • Windows Phone coding examples
  • Questions and break

Graphics, cameras and Android (50 minutes, Kari Pulli)

  • OpenGL ES 1.1
  • OpenGL ES 2.0
  • WebGL
  • Cameras
  • Android/Tegra coding examples
  • Questions (no break)

Open questions (20 minutes, Watson, Setlur & Pulli)


  • Benjamin Watson

Benjamin Watson is Associate Professor of Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His Design Graphics Lab focuses on the engineering of visual experience, and spans the intersections between graphics, perception, design, and interaction. Much of his work has migrated to the mobile platform, as the most pervasive of visual interfaces. Watson co-chaired the Graphics Interface 2001, IEEE Virtual Reality 2004 and ACM Interactive 3D Graphics and Games (I3D) 2006 conferences, and was co-program chair of I3D 2007. Watson is an ACM and senior IEEE member. He earned his doctorate at the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

  • Vidya Setlur

Vidya Setlur is a principal research scientist at Nokia Research Center. Her research interest lies at the intersection of HCI and computer graphics, particularly in the area of iconography and content retargeting. At Nokia, much of her work emphasizes practicality and usefulness to better facilitate tasks performed with a mobile computational device. Vidya has taught mobile courses at conferences such as MobiSys, ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the International Society for Optics and Photonics (SPIE) conferences as well as at universities such as Carnegie Mellon University and San Jose State University. She earned her doctorate in Computer Graphics at Northwestern University.

  • Kari Pulli

Kari Pulli has worked for 20 years on visual computing, and 12 years on mobile visual computing. Since April 2011, he has been the Senior Director of Research at Nvidia (since April 2011), following an appointment as a Nokia Fellow at Nokia Research Center. He has previously organized and taught courses on mobile 3D graphics both at SIGGRAPH and Eurographics conferences, and has taught graphics and imaging at University of Oulu and Stanford University. He earned a PhD in computer science at University of Washington, Seattle, and was a Research Associate at Stanford University as well as a visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.